About | BitchWhoCodes | Stacey Mulcahy - a Microsoft Technical Evangelist

I am a Microsoft Technology Evangelist for Windows 8. I'm also a tinkerer, who would rather be making than meeting. I am a big fan of stuff.

Talking about yourself sucks

As a technology evangelist for Microsoft Windows 8 and I’m here to help developers create amazing Windows 8 applications. I’ve been making things since 2001, almost solely in the digital agency space where I have worked for companies like Teknision Inc, Fuel Industries, IQ Interactive and Big Spaceship in a variety of technical roles.

Most recently, I posted an open letter to Future Woman in Tech which was picked up by both Huffington Post and Slate. I guess I struck a chord.

My latest passion is physical computing – working with the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard and the Arduino. I spend as much time as I can collaborating with my good friend Dave Sheinkopf, who is a master in all things electronics.


I’ve been fortunate to speak at over 45 events on a variety of topics that range from technical to workflow and process. Recent speaking engagements include FITC in Toronto, Vancouver and Amsterdam, Reasons to be Creative in NYC, and Halifax Pop Explosion. I keep getting asked to speak, so I am taking that to be a good sign.


I’ve had the pleasure of teaching both in academic programs such as the Interactive Multimedia Program at Algonquin College and the BIT program at Carleton, and giving industry workshops.

Writing / Editing

I’ve contributed to several O’Reilly technical publications as a technical editor. I used to be an avid blogger and along with my own stuff, I wrote a series of articles about Project Process for the now defunct InsideRIA.I spend a bit of time over at Medium.