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Anything You Can Code, I Can Code Better

This past year I have felt ‘all the feels’, where I’ve gone from feeling hopeful to discouraged. From bewildered to enraged. From inspired to determined. And a lot of time this has manifested itself in 140 character tweets, shared, and …

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TweetHeart- A NeoPixel Heart that is Twitter Sensitive – IoT

TweetHeart-NeoPixels-WiringI think I have built this project twice, destroyed about 40 bucks worth of NeoPixels in the process, fell madly in love with a laser cutter enough to consider changing my Facebook status to its complicated and somewhere during all …

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On Internships

Internships, as many companies offer in the interactive industry, need to change. Too many people are taking advantage of the eagerness of the less experienced, paying them next to nothing, giving them menial work and trying to pass it off …

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Talking less, Doing More

Meet Amanda. She’s 16. She lives in Halifax, is good at math, hates spelling, and loves games. She is a child of Gamers – both her parents met playing online. She can talk level design, power ups, game narrative and …

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Stop Playing & Start Making

It is time to stop playing those games, and to start making them. I’m stoked to share a new event that I will be doing with some help from the Games Forum in both Boston and NYC for kids between …

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Should I Reply All – A Flowchart

It’s easy to just hit the reply-all button. Perhaps a little more thought might make our email just a tad bit more manageable. Perhaps a flow chart would help? Big thanks to Val Head (@vlh) for helping me …

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Open Office Hours for the Tech Minded

the door is always open for office hours. Til it isn't

Just a few weeks ago, I had Reasons.to conference organizer and all around awesome human being John Davey shoot me off an email asking if I would be willing to connect with another speaker. She was new to the speaker …

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Girl Guides, Engineering Badges and the Imposter Syndrome

Girl Guides, the Eng

I didn’t see it coming. What IT exactly is, I still don’t know. I just know that things are just a tiny bit different. Maybe that I am a tiny bit different. It’s small enough it would normally go unnoticed, …

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