WordPress CMS: Info, Tips, & History

WordPress CMS Info Tips and History

First released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little WordPress is now the number one blogging platform. 2020 statistics show that WordPress is now used by more than 455 million websites, which is more than 7x more than 60 million websites in 2014! How reliable is that, right? WordPress started to be well known in 2008 when it made a brand new release to the public. WordPress use to be a general blogging site at first, as people started to understand more and more about WordPress they understood that they can take on a zip file and upload it to their server and WordPress is up and running. WordPress has become so popular now that mostly any hosting company you purchase you’ll find a ‘quick install’ for WordPress. This means that with one click WordPress will automatically start running on the URL which you confirm to do so. So this means no FTP or zip file needed. As WordPress becomes more and more popular things become even easier when it comes to installation and of course customization.

WordPress Interesting Facts 2020

WordPress For Bloggers

WordPress is most recommended for bloggers. It has magnificent SEO and publishing admin dashboard that can’t go wrong. People have started celeb blogs, sports blogs, fashion blogs, make-up blogs, basically anything they like to write about and they make money while writing down their thoughts. This is the new era of 2014 everyone so I hope that you’re all catching along.

WordPress: Themes, Templates, and Websites

Templates, Themes, and Websites mean all the same in WordPress. Though the word sounds simple it can take years for a developer to develop a website that is compatible with all the WordPress scripting and requirements. This is where it gets a bit tricky. Going on ‘WordPress theme markets’ and such you will find a lot of good looking WordPress sites and some may sell in bulk and some may have a new batch of sites every day, but in my view quality is way better than quantity. Judging from my experience most sites that you get for a low price and look really good are usually built by ‘freelancers’ (people that upload themes with little experience and no rules) and these sites are usually very slow or defective. Now what I would look for in a website is something that has the good quality, company built, will sell you a commercial license, and is very appealing to the eye.

WordPress Tips

Some great WordPress tips that I can think of right off the bat :

One category and 5 tags. This is a simple method that works very well in terms of SEO when blogging.

Tags: Don’t use too many. May look really pretty, but don’t use more than 3 on a page.

Keyword Density: I know that you want to rank really badly, but play a little ‘hard to get’ with google. Don’t be so desperate because then they’ll call you spam.

Plugins: Avoid using too many plugins as they can make your server very slow! Fewer plugins = better speed. Keep what you must, what you need, not extra things that don’t do too much work for you.

Here are some interesting facts and statistics about WordPress in 2020:

WordPress is the Top Content Management System

35% of the Internet is Powered by WordPress

WordPress is Available in Over 100 Languages

WordPress Sites Make Up 14.7% of the Top 100 Websites in the World

WordPress Gets 20 Billion Page Views Per Month

There Are 54,000+ Free Plugins for WordPress

Over 30% of All Online Stores Run on WooCommerce


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