About was launched in 2020 after months of consideration regarding what such a website should entail. If you are seeking information and suggestions regarding selling your own or someone elses products or services over the Internet, then you have come to the right place.

Our topics will span the spectrum of Internet Marketing for selling products and services online. We plan to have the gist of SEO, affiliate marketing, and eCommerce covered from A to Z within the many years of operation. From today we will continue to expand this information with timely updates and relevant new topics. Most importantly the information contained on this website will be provided free of charge.

A simple business plan was developed and our mission statement sums it up:

“ is an online resource containing best-practice information and knowledge regarding virtually all aspects of digital marketing. This website will serve as a free resource for all business people, from the small business owner to the large corporate marketing executive and everyone in between. This website will provide timely information from the basics of selling products and services over the Internet, up to and including very detailed information regarding how to generate wealth for any company via effective Internet marketing.”

This website will be maintained by a small group of individuals who have a vested interest in SEO, Web Development, Apps, Online Marketing, and eCommerce due their careers and personal endeavors. We will often attempt to link to various external resources for further information, as well as linking to various services that relate to what is being discussed within the articles.

Our best regards for your bright future,